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The Orient Advantage

Orient Lines' air add-on program turns your CruiseTour into a total vacation package. Available only to Orient Lines passengers, our add-ons are designed to make your journey abroad convenient and economical. We'll fly you on leading airlines to your destination. And we provide all ground transfers as well. Upon your arrival, our Orient Lines representative meets you outside customs and then escorts you to your pre-cruise hotel or the ship, depending on the itinerary.


Tremendous Savings
We're sure you'll find that our add-ons save you hundreds of dollars off regular Economy Class fares.
How do we do it? We can offer these exceptional rates because they are based on special group fares. This sometimes means the flights we use are restricted, and that your air ticket cannot be reissued or exchanged for another carrier or routing. Although we make every effort to give you the most convenient flight schedules and direct routes, in order to obtain these fares, layovers or connections en route are sometimes necessary. Passengers traveling together who originate from different air gateways cannot be guaranteed the same international air routing. Orient Lines reserves the right to choose the air carrier, routing and city airport from each gateway city, and to substitute charter flights for scheduled air service without prior notice. Flights will be finalized approximately 35 days before departure. Prior to then, flight schedules are tentative and subject to change.

Deviations & Special Services
If you would like to deviate from our standard flights by changing the dates of travel, selecting a particular air carrier, or choosing your own routing, Orient Lines will gladly work with your travel agent to accommodate your requests. Similarly, if you require other special services, Orient Lines will endeavor to assist you. Naturally, such custom-ized flight arrangements will cost considerably more than our normal group fares.
In addition to the cost of the customized arrangements, there is a $75 per person non-refundable service fee, which will be invoiced as a part of the CruiseTour vacation. All deviations and air special service requests must be received by Orient Lines - by mail, fax or e-mail (specialair@orientlines.com) - no later than 60 days prior to departure. Deviation requests may not be accepted for sailings that have chartered air.

Upgraded Air Service
If you wish, you can upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class for an additional charge. In most cases we offer two options: (1) Restricted Business Class allows you to realize significant savings but is available only on select airlines and applies to transatlantic or transpacific flights only (all other segments will be in Economy); and (2) Regular Business Class, which applies to all flight segments where available. Prices available upon request. Please note: because of our special fares, upgrades using frequent flyer miles may not be applicable.

Seating Assignments
Airline seat assignments cannot be confirmed by Orient Lines. We recommend that you or your travel agent contact the airlines directly to request seat assignments, special meals or the addition of frequent flyer numbers to your airline record. Please note that seating requests are at the airline's discretion. Also some airlines do not apply mileage credit or allow frequent flyer bonus upgrades to cruise add-on fares.

Special air charges
Certain countries require passengers to pay an airport departure tax, which may not be included on the passenger air ticket. This tax is collected at the airport and may have to be paid in local currency.


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